February 15, 2014

A Few Favorites

During the week I come across images and recipes that I can't quite seem to shake. I thought I would share them here every week in case you needed a little inspiration. Some are sweet, some savory, but rest assured that all of them are worth taking a look at. 

1. Carmelized onion, pear and fontina galette // This galette has been on my mind for quite a while now. I think this would be a perfect mid-week dinner with a simple side salad.

2. Bacon maple donuts // I have been noticing the bacon/maple trend showing up all over and I think it's time that I tried my hand at coming up with my own rendition.

3. Sunday Supper, Winter Dinner // What more can I say about Karen Mordechai's spot-on vision and photography skills? This pared down tablescape is just what my eyes needed after all of yesterday's red and pink. 

4. Warm chicken salad with peppers, pears and toasted pine nuts // This salad has been on my radar for YEARS and I am adding all the ingredients to my grocery list as we speak. Now that the weather is in the 70's I am feeling really motivated to incorporate more salads into our rotation. You know, after the bacon donuts ;)


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