August 15, 2014


Snowflakes in August can mean only one thing...FROZEN PARTY! 

A variety of tartlets for a wedding tasting. The perfect way for a pie-loving groom to celebrate the big day. 

A medley of different flavors for a wedding tasting. Almost too pretty to eat.

This nearly brings a tear to my eye. Love seeing my macarons in action at Jane and John Doe's booth at the Tomball Farmers Market!

Finally got around to organizing some of my favorite cake stands and added a few to the mix. Dream come true, I tell ya.

Last but definitely not least I got to enjoy the best lunch with Diana from Sweet Blessings Bakeshop. She's as nice as she is talented and I'm so happy to call her a friend. She also brought my kids toys and me some incredible carrot cupcakes. She's awesome and after out chat I feel like I'm walking with a much lighter load. I forget how refreshing some honest and thoughtful conversation can be sometimes. 


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