July 18, 2014

Weekly Menu #1

 This week I launched the Buttercup weekly menu and I'm so happy to report that it was such a success! Every Sunday I plan to announce the menu and customers (that means you!) will have until Wednesday to place an order for pickup on Friday or Saturday morning. I kicked this first week off with a hefty ten dozen macarons to the first come first serve and thankfully they were all scooped up by Tuesday! I couldn't be more thankful and can't wait to post next week's menu. 

I will announce the weekly menus on facebook, instagram, my website and here on the blog so if you find something you like please email me at info@buttercuphouston.com to place an order.  

I hope you check in for updates and once again, thank you for continuing to support little old Buttercup!

chocolate hazelnut with homemade nutella
blueberry lemon


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