June 2, 2014

A Preschool Graduation Party

It was such a treat to host a giant play date/graduation party for my girl and all her buddies. They sang karaoke (let it go, who let the dogs out, what does the fox say, more let it go...), sprayed silly string, ran till their cheeks were red and ate A LOT of candy. Seeing my girl's face light up and see all the friendships that she has been able to make in her five little years really blows my mind. She even included her little bro with all the big kids and he was on cloud nine playing super heroes and football with the older boys. Such an awesome day!

I made funfetti cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and fruity pebble macarons. So many of the parents had never had a macaron before and there's nothing like watching someone experience one for the first time. They just never expect all the textural elements and so many of them are now hooked like we are. I loved the touch of whimsy and that crispy crunch that the fruity pebbles added. Just perfect for a kid's party. 

It was a busy weekend full of making the ones I love most happy. We couldn't have pulled the parties off without lots of help from our family, so I have to thank them for pulling some late nights and early mornings to help get things organized. They're the best and we hope they had a great time, too. Until next year!



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