January 17, 2014

A Well-Rounded Baby Shower Menu

Blackberry Crumbles

Brenda's Buttermilk Pie Tartlets

Lily Sugar Cookies

Sunflower Sugar Cookies

Two-Tier Strawberry and Vanilla Cake

I was contacted to help plan a dessert menu for a baby shower that had a country-modern theme. While being Texas girls through and through, we also understood that there is a fine line between "classic country" and "corny country", so we wanted to make sure to put a sophisticated spin on some down-home classics. We decided to keep the cake clean and simple with a small grosgrain ribbon border that will set the stage perfectly for the sunflowers that will dress up the cake come party time. We carried that sunflower theme through to the sugar cookies and even added in some lilies for baby Lily who is due to arrive soon. Since there were quite a few sugar cookies for guests to sample, I really felt like there needed to be something bright and fresh, as well as something luscious and rich. Buttermilk pie tartlets and blackberry crumbles fit the bill perfectly. The crumbles have a hint of lemon and are bursting with flavor and the buttermilk pie really satisfies with it's sweet custard-like filling. 

All in all, I think we came up with a really solid menu and I was thrilled when she was delighted with the way everything turned out. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need a nap :)


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